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History of Killarney

Human Habitation for 9000 Years


There are some 10,000 archaeological sites in Kerry telling the story of human habitation for every period over the past 9,000 years.
The dump sites of the earliest settlers who lived off wild animals and plants. Increasingly sophisticated buildings over the millennia. The extensive remains of the earliest copper mines in north western Europe. Evidence of layers and layers of invaders 
From the historical period ... the story of Christianity extending from the 5th century to to-day ... from the finest early Christian monastery in the world on Skellig Michael ... to St Mary's Cathedral in Killarney that celebrates 150 years in 2005 ... to contemporary church building.


Some of the most extensive folklore collections in the world have been made here. Beginning with Crofton Croker's work in Killarney in the 1820s and continuing with the very extensive collections made by the Irish Folklore Commission in Kerry in the 20th century.


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